Coexistence of diverse civilizations will be highlighted in the second run of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta in Tangier

The second celebration of the festival dedicated to the works of Ibn Battuta is announced to be happening on November 9, 2017, organized by The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta or AMARIB.

The festival will run until November 12 and is expected to offer educational and recreational activities to the participants and visitors.  AMARIB is a not-for-profit international organization that promotes universal values of cooperation and peace through a series of artistic, moral and open-minded activities aimed at the improvement of mutual tolerance between diverse communities with different cultural background. Along with this objective, AMARIB would like to promote the historical city of Tangier not just the birthplace of Ibn Battuta but also a place with abundant opportunities for social and economic development of Morocco.

The international festival aims to strengthen the holistic cultural development of the participating countries while integrating the works of values of Ibn Battuta as one the famous explorers in the world history. Throughout his journey, Ibn Battuta had a significant role in the social domain. The festival will feature different undertakings focused on his voyages, literature and his principles. Also, the city of Tangier will become the meeting place for individuals or groups from an extensive variety of domestic and transnational ancestries for dialogues and exchange.

Just like what Ibn Battuta had contributed in the history and socio-economic development of Morocco, AMARIB aims to take the example of the celebrated traveler in promoting harmony and mutual understanding between civilizations of communities with unique and colorful traditions and beliefs.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Honorary President of AMARIB, the organization is devoted to acknowledging the contributions of Ibn Battuta from his travels and combining all his principles in spreading the universal values of acceptance, veneration, tolerance, and involvement.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta works on establishing relations with international associations and organizations in the future for both national and international goodwill, understanding and mutual benefit. AMARIB also intends to build networks and shared purpose, encourage ethical standards of conduct and promote acceptance and benevolence.

The Second International Festival of Ibn Battuta will acclaim all the primary actors in the sectors of art, literature, and cultural development as well the aspiring travelers who want to follow the example of the Prince of Travelers, Ibn Battuta.

The theme of the festival is “Travelers, Ambassadors of Peace” which primarily suggests that the event is also being organized for present explorers worldwide. The organization believes that the festival will bring the visitors to a discovery and awakening, and this is the essence of learning and knowledge acquired through traveling and being aware of the cultural variation and their relevance to the people’s perspective and personal development.

The festival will offer series of programs for four days. There are movies with traveling as its primary theme as well as theatrical plays exhibiting the colorful culture of Morocco. A forum will be held dedicated to travel literature and geography. A carnival devoted to Ibn Battuta’s life and promotion of Morocco’s colorful custom is also part of the program. Jovial music and folk songs will resonate during the event as it will also hold music shows and for those who are fond of colors and visual arts, the street art exhibition is the event that the visitors must attend and participate.