Why was Obama more famous among American people on social media?

Obama is said to be the first ever social media president because of his fame. Also, during the presidency of Obama, White House first time used Instagram, twitter, snap chat and Facebook. He is famous on social media because of his massive fan following and great social media presence. It is hard to find a person who has not followed him on Twitter. With this game, there are some lessons a person must take from him as a president to run a social media channel. Some of the great things he did are as follows. Also, one thing should be kept in mind that end of his presidency does not mean that he stopped using it.

Unique name

The name of Obama’s account on Twitter is Potus. Although it is a unique name it is really famous among the followers. This is the name that brought him 13.4 million followers. All of these followers will remain under the ownership of White House because this legacy came with the job.

Sharing opinion on the trendy topics

Obama always used the trending even to be active on social media. Whether it be the use of popular hashtags or any trending breaking news. He involved himself in what people used to talk and this gained him more fame. The key is to grab every opportunity and align it with the values of your brand.

Interaction with community

Obama interacted with his community on every possible opportunity he had. Mentions are the most important thing on social media because they tell how many people are talking about a person. Also, social media is not about giving one sided opinion; it is about building a community. The interactions and relationships built over social media bring people forward who tweet about a person.

Make a social persona

There is a reason why people follow others on social media. They do it because they get something that is not offered at any other place. The best feature of social media is that it allows a person to build his own identity. Once that identity is formed, the person must stick to it. So is the case with Obama. He built up such a great persona of a dad, the president as well as a fan of White Sox. This helped him a lot in reaching out to more people.

Number Of Followers

If you surf social media profiles of celebrities, you would come to know how having a huge number of followers helps in increasing engagement. That’s why big firms want to buy real active Instagram followers and twitter followers. It helps them to interact, engage and make profitable interactions. Same is the case with politicians and celebrities.


Obama was really transparent in his tweets. He used to post what was happening in real life. There are pictures of his family, his routine life and other things that matter in his life. This is a really important aspect here. He showed people who he actually was and more people are attracted towards it because they get to know what their hero does.

All these things helped Obama to become the famous Social media president. Even he went live with people to bring more thrill and excitement in routine. An amazing experience was delivered by Obama to the general audience in the form of social media presence.